Coastal-Chic Jewelry for Every 'Wear'


Your jewelry is an expression of who you are, and you’ve come to the right place if ~

    • You like to wear things that enhance your natural beauty.
    • You like to wear your jewelry and not have it wear you.
    • You love to look and feel great.
    • You appreciate the finer things in life.
    • Your favorite vacations are at the beach. (Ok~maybe you love to ski too!)
    • You feel claustrophobic if landlocked.
    • The sound of the water lulls you to sleep.
    • You are strangely attracted to blue and green hues.
    • Your fondest childhood memories include sandy feet, pruned fingers from too much time in the water, sandcastles, the smell of 'Coppertone' & 'Bain de Soleil' suntan lotions, riding your bike, trips to the horse stables, ice cream shop, white rope bracelets, playing with your dog, summer reading on the porch, collecting shells, fireworks and nights out at the movies.
    • You now enjoy life's little luxuries and spending time with family, laughing with friends, cuddly pets, boat rides, girls night out, getting lost in a great book, summer reading on the porch, travel to exotic places, wine tastings, bike rides, fireworks and nights in or out at the movies.
    • You love to wear unique, handmade jewelry made from real gemstones ~ not the cheap, mass-produced variety!


Welcome to Sabina Furst Designs, coastal-chic artisan jewelry and gilded seashell objets d'art handmade in Connecticut!

Sabina's timeless designs are sparked by her travels ~ from the shores of New England, to the coasts of Italy, India, and Indonesia.  With a passion for creating beautiful things from gemstones, shells and pearls, she surprises and delights by merging classic with modern designs, blending color, shape and texture into her graceful, wearable jewelry.

Feel effortlessly beautiful when you wear her pieces, but also experience a sense of Sabina's joie de vivre.  Her jewelry designs are fresh, light twists on bohemian-chic that are fun and colorful, yet sophisticated and elegant.

Her latest collection of gilded seashell objets d'art draws inspiration from coastal New England charm.  They are one-of-a-kind creations from the sea, repurposed into a lasting work of art.

Sabina's work has been seen in Condé Nast Traveller, World of Interiors, and Tatler (UK) magazines, among other publications.