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What Color Says About You

"What's your favorite color?"  It's a question you might have been asked many times as a child.  Even if your most cherished hue is different today, or if you find you have more than one preferred color, have a think about what shade(s) speak to you now.

If you're not sure, take a look at your wardrobe.  Go on, I'll wait here...  what's it trying to tell you?  How many light blue sweaters do you own?  Or perhaps you have an over abundance of hot pink t-shirts? 

Do you find you consistently gravitate towards one or two colors?  Whatever the case may be, if you can't get enough of a certain hue, it may mean that your soul is trying to tell you something.  Maybe you need more soothing blues in your life, or a jolt of something like a bright red to light you up.

Color can have a powerful influence our emotions.  For example, bright yellow uplifts while pale blues relax. While perceptions of color are somewhat subjective, some have universal meaning, such as the temperature of color.  We can all agree that shades of red are warmer while shades of blues are cooler.  

Also, different cultures may influence our feelings about color. In the West, brides wear white as it's a sign of purity, while in many Eastern cultures like China and India, red is the color of choice.  


Below are interpretations of color along with gemstones to go with them...


Warmth & Friendliness:

Yellow:   sunshine, positivity, optimism, creativity, friendliness, confidence, wealth, warmth, cheer

Yellow gemstones: Citrine

Bahama Birthstone Bar Necklace in Citrine

Orange:  warmth, happiness, flamboyance, fun, confidence, bravery, success

Orange gemstones: Carnelian

Carnelian Marquise Hoop Earrings

Love & Excitement:

Pink: femininity, love, health, compassion, sincerity, sophistication, sweetness

Pink gemstones: pink tourmaline, rose quartz, pink opal, pink ruby, pink sapphire, pink jade


Bahama Birthstone Bar Necklace - Pink Tourmaline

Red: passion, love, excitement, warmth, fire, strength, energy

Red gemstones: red ruby, red coral, garnet


Bahama Birthstone Gift Set


Richness & Luxury:

Violet: luxury, quality, royalty, wisdom, creativity, ambition

Violet gemstones: amethyst, iolite 


Paris Woven Hoop Earrings - amethyst

Black: glamour, security, sophistication, wealth, formality, dramatic

Black gemstones: black spinel, black onyx, black tourmaline



Brown: richness, nature, tradition, calm, reliable, dependable, rugged, simple

Brown gemstones: smokey quartz, whiskey quartz, autumn tourmaline, tiger eye


Peace & Intelligence:

Blue: efficient, intelligence, professional, peace, calm, trust, loyalty, competence

Blue gemstones: Amazonite, aquamarine, turquoise, blue topaz, Peruvian opal, sapphires, lapis lazuli 

Santa Fe Necklace


Green: fresh, eco, environmental, calm, peace, balance, good luck, nature, health, healing, quality

Green gemstones: chrysoprase, peridot, emerald, fluorite


Aegean Hoop Earrings


Purity & Simplicity:

White: purity, light, hope, simplicity, clean, honesty

White gemstones: pearl, moonstone, clear quartz


Freeport Framed Pearl Necklace


Grey: elegance, neutrality, respect, wisdom, modern

Grey gemstones: labradorite

Sausalito Jasmine Hoop Earrings


Since color reflects our mood and emotions,  It's a good idea to have a variety of color to choose from. If you do find your wardrobe is lacking in certain colors, you might want to consider adding a few pieces to it to reflect whatever vibe you want to put out there. 

I personally love the thrill of acquiring something new, especially when it's in a color I love.  However, if you realize you don't need another article of clothing taking up room in your closet, you might want to consider adding a new piece of gemstone jewelry instead, since it takes up much less space and is more timeless!

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