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She Sells Sea Shells ~ 14 Fun Facts

The Gilded Sea Shell collection for the home features decorative découpage oyster and scalloped shells, with a gilded back and trim.  Each piece is hand selected, sanitized and handcrafted into a unique, one-of-a-kind design. 

Beach Umbrella Oyster

If you are looking for the ideal gift for a special person in your life, consider buying our gilded découpage oyster shells! 

Why would I want to purchase these? Because...

1) They are a unique gift

2) They liven up your nightstand, side table or console table 

3) They are functional in that they hold rings and other small trinkets

4) One size fits all

5) Because chocolates get eaten and flowers die, but these shells last forever

6) They won't give you cavities

7) They won't make you fat

8) They won't take up room in your closet or house

9) Each is one-of-a-kind work of art

10)They won't go out of style

11) They are a gift from nature

12) They are affordable

13) It will put a smile on his or her face

14) When you purchase from us, a tree gets planted :)


Take a peek at some of the latest creations:


Blue and White Oysters:


Monogram Initial Oysters:

Monogram Initial Shells


Gifts for Guys:

Gifts for Guys


Our oyster shells are made to order and measure approximately 2-3 inches wide and 3 - 4.5 inches long. Due to their unique organic nature no two shells are exactly alike, and therefore, they do vary in size.  Each design is customized to the unique shape of the shell, therefore the shell you receive may not be the exact one in the image - please email me for special requests or if you'd like more information, .

The size, shape, and pattern of every oyster is as unique as the possibilities are for its use!

Don't see exactly what you're looking for?  Browse here for more, or email me at as I'd be happy to create a custom piece just for you!


After years at sea, your precious shell has been re-purposed into this beautiful handmade creation, a unique work of art where no two shells are alike. Oyster shells in particular have many imperfections, are rough edged and porous. Flaking may occur over time which is not a flaw, but rather a natural occurrence.
*The World is Your Oyster.  It's up to You to find the Pearls.