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Rock Your New Year Resolutions With These Gems...

Are you having trouble sticking to your New Year resolutions?  Well... believe it or not, there are gemstones that can help you keep them! 

Here's how wearing these gems can improve your life this year:


For people who want to be more empowered and organized, try wearing

Blue Sapphire.

sapphire necklace

For people who desire healthier relationships, as well as advance their careers, try wearing Ruby

studded ruby hoop earrings


For people who want to be healthier and wealthier, try Peridot

barbados cluster necklace - peridot



For people who want more peace and improved finances, try wearing more Aquamarine and ...

Bruges Circle Necklace ~ aquamarine


Citrine ~ known as the Merchant Stone as it bring success and abundance to businesses.

citrine earrings

For artists who strive to be more creative consider wearing Carnelian, which also increases courage, strength and focus, or ...


Garnet, which also boosts willpower, helps detox the blood and promote a healthy metabolism.

garnet earrings

For people who want to quit a bad habit, Moonstone can help you stay on track.

small jasmine earrings in moonstone

Amethyst is great for productivity and tranquility.

easter island hoops in amethyst


Amazonite encourages the expression of thoughts clearly, as does...

oahu bar necklace ~ amazonite


Clear Quartz, which clarifies your intention and magnifies it, helping you manifest what you desire. It also has the power to heighten the energies of any other stone!


 bloomin hoop earrings - clear quartz

Wearing gemstones in your daily life might help you stay on track with any personal goals you've set for the upcoming year.  Gemstones like company, so the more, the merrier!  Wear them with intention to attract everything you want in life.  Worth a try?  Shop here for more gemstone jewelry!

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