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Diamonds ~ not Just a Girl's Best Friend


diamonds are a symbol of purity, love and clarity


You lucky girl if you were born in April!  You may already know that in addition to being a girl's best friend, diamonds are the king of gemstones and the ultimate symbol of wealth, accumulation and manifestation of abundance in all areas of your life.  Diamonds are said to inspire creativity & endurance, and foster strong relationships, love and mental clarity.  

The ancient Greeks called the diamond ‘adamas’, which means indestructible and invincible, which is why they are given in marriage.  The diamond is not only the hardest precious gemstone, it is the hardest stone on Earth. That, combined with Its brilliance, has made it one of the most sought after gemstones in the world. 


Monaco Ocean Blue Diamond Gift Set


Did you know they also contain many healing properties as well?  Diamonds are said to detoxify the body's system and help with allergies, glaucoma and vertigo. It also has the ability to improve creativity and enlightenment.

Whether you believe that there's something to that or not, if you're anything like me, you love diamonds for their beauty and sparkle. 


Simple, elegant and understated, our Monaco diamond collection is available with 14k solid gold or 14k gold fill options.  Explore our natural, sparkling raw and rough diamonds in ocean blue (my favorite!), chocolate and grey here.  More designs to come!


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