Coastal-Chic Jewelry for Every 'Wear'

What's All the Hoopla About?

Hoop earrings are back BIG time, and we've added gemstones to ours to add a little je ne sais quois!

Circling back to these jewelry box staples, hoops are timeless classics that you'll return to season after season. 


Most of us remember how popular hoop earrings were back in the 80's, but they have actually been around for centuries!  From Ancient Greece to African tribes, to the 1950's, 80's and now.  It's a testament that they will never go out of style!


Above: A Fresco depicting an elegantly dressed woman with hoop earrings from Akrotiri, Greece, ca. 1650-1625 BCE, Woman wearing tribal jewelry in Africa, Audrey Hepburn wearing hoops for the 1954 film, 'Sabrina', Cindy Crawford wearing big hoops in a 1992 Pepsi commercial.



Big, small, round, teardrop, marquis, with gemstones or without... what's your style?  

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