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13 Immune Boosting Gems

What a difference a year makes - am I right?!  In light of the current Covid crisis, I thought I would write a post about some immune- boosting gemstones.  Of course it goes without saying that you should always follow the advice of your local healthcare provider. 

As you may already know, gemstones have been used for healing since ancient times as they contain powerful energetic properties.  Many of the following stones do more than just boost your immune system, however for the sake of keeping this short and to the point I'm only going to highlight their health benefits. 

Wear your jewelry 'every wear', but near the heart is said to be optimal.  Below are stones which contain powerful physical properties for health:  



Garnet is the birthstone for January, and for good reason. This gorgeous deep red gemstone helps to detoxify the blood, heart and lungs, and purify the body.  It's the perfect stone to wear after over-indulging during the holidays!  Wear garnet to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit, and make sure that you are functioning at 100% all the time.  Shop garnet jewelry here.

Garnet Charm Necklace 



Regarded by ancient Egyptians as a sunset enclosed in a stone, this orange gemstone is known to invigorate the immune system and purify the organs, as well as treat swollen glands. The color of oranges, it is one of the best stones and natural healers of the common cold!  Shop carnelian jewelry here.

 carnelian marquise hoop earrings


Clear Quartz

This pure stone is considered to be the master healer of all stones. It cleanses the immune system, purifies organs, and removes toxins that weaken your health. Clear quartz also brings your entire body into balance and harmony. Shop clear quartz jewelry here.


Gemstone Teardrop Hoop Earrings


Lapis Lazuli

This celestial blue gemstone with golden flecks is a potent stone to protect you from illness. It helps to lift the immune system as well as the respiratory system. It also promotes mental endurance, positivity, and tranquility, all of which help boost immunity.  Shop lapis jewelry here.

Jasmine Hoop Earrings in Lapis Lazuli



This rainbow-like gemstone emits small doses of infrared radiation that charge the immune system and promote blood circulation and detoxification.  It promotes the oxygenation of the brain too, which makes it a powerful ally for mental health. Shop tourmaline jewelry here.

Ischia Circle Necklace ~ Tourmaline  



Gorgeous green peridot is an excellent stone for the immune and digestive systems.  Shop peridot jewelry here.

Barbados Y Necklace - peridot



Amethyst is a cleansing stone and a natural tranquilizer that promotes peace and reduces stress while improving quality of sleep.  Stress is toxic and is known to weaken your immune system.  Shop amethyst jewelry here.

Paris Woven Hoop Earrings



Pearls provide many health benefits and are known for their calming and balancing effects. They stabilize moods and relieve feelings of tension & anxiety, which in turn boosts the immune system. Pearls not only help you look and feel great, they also ground and center you no matter how much chaos life throws at you!  Shop pearl jewelry here.


 Freeport Framed Pearl Necklace



The blue-green aquamarine gemstone carries healing properties of the sea.  Wear aquamarine jewelry when you want to reduce everyday stresses, boost your immune system and bring clarity to thoughts and ideas.  Aquamarine is a positive force that can bring happiness to the wearer and help cope with the grieving process.  Shop aquamarine jewelry here.


   Sloane Square Earrings



Like the sun, this yellow gemstone brightens and energizes every level of life. It  revitalizes the mind, cleanses & detoxifies the blood & helps with circulation. In addition to lifting self-confidence, joy, and enthusiasm, it's great for people who are sensitive to environmental influences, reversing degenerative diseases, and balancing the body's chemical makeup. Citrine helps with digestive ailments, sleep problems, and pain and inflammation management.  Shop citrine jewelry here if you're in need of citrine in your life!

Bahama Birthstone Bar Necklace in Citrine



A beautiful red gemstone that helps restore vitality and energy levels. Rubies were used in ancient times to help remove toxins from blood and improve the overall circulatory system.  Shop ruby jewelry here

Bahama Birthstone Gift Set in Ruby


Tigers Eye

This golden-brown gemstone clears toxins from the body and gives you the strength to recover from whatever is ailing you.  Tiger’s eye can help to build your resilience and make you more durable and hardy against infection and being hurt.  Shop tiger eye jewelry here.

Jasmine Hoop Earrings - tigers eye 



Turquoise  is a master healer that brings powerful healing and grounding energies to your mind, body and spirit. It is said to help body’s natural cycle of renewal and regeneration.  Read more about turquoise in this blog post, or browse here for turquoise jewelry.

Ischia Circle Necklace in Turquoise


So feel uplifted when you wear your Sabina Furst Designs gemstone jewelry as not only will it enhance your beauty, its magical energies will support and protect you from the inside out.  Win-win!!