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Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation coming up?  Here are some great ideas for you...

There's nothing more special than giving a unique handcrafted piece of jewelry to mark the occasion.  Whether you're looking for a gift for a child moving up a grade, or a high school or college grad, we have you covered with lots of gift ideas for that special girl in your life!  


New this year are the paperclip charm bracelets and gilded oyster shells! (see below)


1. School Spirit Bar Jewelry

What are her school colors?  Create a meaningful piece of jewelry for her (or even for yourself!) with our School Spirit Jewelry ~ in gemstones that match her school colors!

*Simply tell me what her school colors are in the 'note' section at checkout.  Please indicate which color gem should go in the middle, and which on the outsides.

School Spirit Jewelry


 2. School Spirit Charm Necklaces

Other gift ideas include the School Spirit Charm Necklaces.  They are available with 14k gold fill chains.  They're a popular pick for young women, but any of the pieces here make a sweet gift for grads about to "spread their wings" and head off to college, or into the real world!

School Spirit Compass Charm Necklace

School Spirit Star Charm Necklace

 School Spirit Wing Charm Necklace


 3. Birthstone Jewelry

Another great idea is birthstone jewelry, which always makes a great personalized gift.  There's so many to choose from such as the Circle Birthstone Charm necklace, or Bahamas Birthstone Bar necklaces, which are both adjustable, or the Birthstone Berries Bracelet.

 Graduation Gift Ideas


4. Paperclip Charm Bracelets with Sentiments

Paperclip Charm Bracelets


 5. Monogram Initial Oyster Ring Dishes

Monogram Initial Oyster Ring Dish

 6. Other Graduation Gift Ideas

Browse other suggestions for graduation gifts here.


Gifts for Grads