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Gemstone Rx ~ 10 stones used for healing

Gemstones have long been associated with various healing properties in alternative medicine practices such as crystal healing.  Below are ten commonly used gemstones for healing:

  1. Amethyst: Known for its calming and protective qualities, amethyst is often used to promote relaxation, stress relief, and spiritual growth. It is believed to enhance intuition and aid in meditation.  Browse amethyst jewelry here.palm beach earrings

  2. Clear Quartz: Often referred to as the "master healer," clear quartz is believed to amplify energy and intention. It is used for clarity of mind, purification, and balancing the chakras. Shop here for clear quartz jewelry.crystal ball necklace

  3. Rose Quartz: This gentle pink stone is associated with love, compassion, and emotional healing. Rose quartz is believed to open the heart chakra, promote self-love, and attract loving relationships.Browse rose quartz jewelry here.rose quartz nugget necklace

  4. Citrine: Citrine is associated with abundance, prosperity, and positive energy. It is believed to encourage creativity, motivation, and success in various endeavors. Citrine is also thought to dispel negative energy and promote optimism. Shop citrine jewelry here if you're looking for some citrine in your life!citrine triple drops

  5. Turquoise: Known as a stone of protection and communication, turquoise is believed to enhance inner peace. It is associated with the throat chakra and is used for self-expression and emotional balance.  Browse here for turquoise jewelry.Ischia Turqoise Necklace

  6. Lapis Lazuli: This deep blue stone has been prized for its spiritual significance for centuries. Lapis lazuli is associated with wisdom, truth, and enlightenment. It is believed to stimulate the mind, enhance intuition, and encourage self-expression. Shop here for lapis jewelry.tiny front toggle pearl necklace - lapis

  7. Moonstone: Moonstone is associated with the divine feminine energy and the cycles of the moon. It is believed to promote intuition, emotional balance, and fertility. Moonstone is often used for enhancing psychic abilities and nurturing creativity. Shop moonstone jewelry here.moonstone bar necklace

  8. Pearls: Pearls provide many health benefits and are also known for their calming and balancing effects, stabilizing your moods and relieving feelings of tension, anxiety and nervousness.  Pearls are said to balance the entire body and create positive, happy feelings within the wearer. In traditional Asian medicine, pearls have been used for treating ailing digestive systems, fertility issues, and heart problems. Today, pearl powder is used in makeup to achieve a glowing complexion. Some people believe it can also be used to treat many skin disorders such as rosacea.  Shop here for pearls.


  9.  Aquamarine The blue-green aquamarine gemstone carries healing properties of the sea. It's known to be useful in cooling heated tempers and resolving conflict.  It has a healing energy that helps with digestion, as well as eye, and teeth problems.  The stone is said to be a positive force that can bring happiness to its wearer and help cope with the grieving process. Wear aquamarine jewelry when you want to relax from everyday stresses and bring clarity to thoughts and ideas.  Shop aquamarine jewelry here.tiny double embellished aquamarine necklace

  10.  Garnet:  Garnet energizes the wearer, and helps to boost confidence. The stone is also said to bring protection from evil and bad karma, and has been known to increase prosperity to the wearer!  Wear garnet to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit, and make sure that you are functioning at 100% all the time.  It’s also known for strengthening your willpower   Shop garnet jewelry here.

    tiny embellished garnet coins

    While many people believe in the healing properties of gemstones, it's considered a complementary therapy and should be used in tandem with other therapies.