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4 Summery Gems for EMF & 5G Protection

What are EMF's and why should we be concerned?  EMF's stands for electromagnetic fields which refers to invisible waves of energy or radiation given off by electronic equipment.

In today’s modern world, we're exposed to electromagnetic radiation everyday. They come from our smart phones, laptops, home appliances, wifi routers, microwaves, refrigerators, thermostats, and cell towers.

Furthermore, 5G is the new ‘fifth generation’ of wireless communication technology that generates even higher (and therefore more damaging) radio frequency radiation, which many fear will be extremely detrimental to our health.

Apparently, constant exposure to EMF's may result in various negative health issues by interfering with the body’s normal cell functioning, damaging healthy DNA.  They may cause headaches, depression, anxiety, dizziness, memory loss, lack of concentration, insomnia and cancer.

    Some people believe that certain gemstones offer protection and healing from EMF pollution.  Although there are no conclusive research findings on the amount of protection gemstones provide against EMF's, many believe that since gems create an energy field of their own, they can be used to shield us against the bad effects of radiation.


    So if you're looking for a holistic approach to EMF management, gemstones are an obvious choice.  They've been used since ancient times to heal, cleanse, and protect.  While EMF protection is a relatively new use for gemstones, it could make a real difference, especially for hypersensitive individuals.

    Below are 4 beautiful summery gemstones that may help reduce the long term effects of EMF pollution.  Protect yourself from harmful radiation as you wear your Sabina Furst Designs handmade gemstone jewelry!



    Amazonite has an energy that's as powerful as the Amazon River for which it's  named, yet it also calms aggression.  Along with its captivating shades of blue & green this mineral is well-known for its ability to block electromagnetic pollution,  by absorbing microwaves and cell phone waves.  In addition to providing harmony and balance to those that wear it, it aids in communication, promotes good luck, and heals.  


    Since ancient times, many believed that amethyst has powerful healing properties, making it a useful ally against the damage done to our bodies every day from modern EMF radiation exposure. It also promotes calm, balance, and peace, and helps to eliminate impatience.

    This purple stone has long been considered a royal color, so it's not surprising that it's been in high demand throughout history.  


    Moonstones are said to be a feminine stone, offering a protective and nurturing energy. They are also thought to help with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Some individuals have noticed a decrease in their symptoms when carrying around moonstones alongside some of the other protective gemstones.



    Fluorite is a beautiful clear gemstone that comes in an array of colors, from shades of green to purple.  It neutralizes and cleanses the effects of EMF radiation emitted by your laptop, computer and any other electronic device at your home.

    It's sometimes referred to as the “Genius stone,” because it relieves anxiety which helps you stay focused.  Fluorite magnifies and amplifies the power of the other gemstones when combined with them.  It's a powerful stone that helps energize your body, raise your concentration and enhance the power of the other gemstones you are using.



    When it comes to using gemstones for EMF protection, your best bet is to combine them when possible.  Wearing them as jewelry is a great way to protect and heal yourself.

    Think it all sounds a bit 'woo woo' but like the look of the gemstone jewelry anyway?  Click here for more jewelry options.  After all, it can't hurt - and it's a win-win if it keeps you safe from EMF's!