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Energy Vampires got you Down?

Halloween may be over, but energy vampires in our lives can bring us down in a flash at any given moment! 

Have you ever noticed how you feel when spending time with people? Positive people make us feel good, while negative people can literally deplete your energy, making you feel physically and emotionally drained and exhausted. These people have low energetic vibrations and are called "Energy Vampires".

If you are intuitive, an empath or simply someone who is sensitive to the energies of others, it can be torture to be around these kinds of people. You can actually take on the pain of others either emotionally or physically.

Energy vampires tend to be drawn to compassionate, sensitive people. They are the drama filled, overbearing ones that are often oblivious to the negative energy they exude. They are the constant victims, narcissists, domineering and judgmental types. Drama seems to follow them everywhere.

Energy vampires can be friends and even family members, spouses, or co workers, which makes it difficult to get away from them.  As an attempt to heal their inner turmoil, they will energetically drain the person with a higher energetic vibration. This is usually something they're not even intentionally aware of. However, it's important to understand that you are not responsible for resolving their issues, they are.

It's essential for your well being to distance yourself from energy vampires, whenever possible. However, we can't always control who we have to be around, especially family members or co workers. So, unless you quit your job or move far away, you will need to find other ways to protect your energy field. There are several gems that you can use to protect you from energy vampires, and wearing gemstone jewelry is a simple way to ensure you're protected all the time!  Who knew?!


Here are 5 beautiful stones to protect against energy vampires:

Labradorite deflects negative energies and creates a shielding force of protection around you.  It also enhances intuition which can be helpful for knowing which people to stay clear of. 


Citrine is a gemstone that promotes happiness and well being. It emits large amounts of positive energy and clears negative energy. 


Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone ranging from dark to light tones that converts negative energy into love.  It also relieves fear, grief, and anxiety. It's highly effective when worn around your heart or throat.


Carnelian protects from negative energies by helping you to trust and listen to your intuition and perceptions. It protects against rage or envy that may come from within or without. 



Garnet energizes and recharges the chakras and is famous for its ability to warn of coming danger such as energy vampires. Because of this, it was often carried as a talisman. Garnet also activates the other protective stones. 


We are often surrounded by energy vampires every day. The last thing we want to do is get sucked into their reality. By knowing how to identify them and how to shield yourself, you’ll have the tools you need to arm yourself and keep your energy vibing high!