Coastal-Chic Jewelry for Every 'Wear'

Like April Showers...

You probably know that Diamond is the birthstone for April, but for those of you who do not want to spend quite that much on jewelry, we also offer a clear crystal quartz alternative.  So now all of you April babies can spoil yourselves or others without breaking the bank!

Clear Crystal Quartz Birthstone Charm Necklace


Above: Birthstone Charm Necklace shown with 5 clear crystal charms~ available in sterling silver or 14k gold fill


These clear stones are reminiscent of April showers and are mesmerizing to look at, but did you know that they possess special metaphysical properties as well?  Clear quartz is thought to be a 'Universal Crystal' since all colors in the light spectrum are contained within it. 

Unique in its beauty, this stone cleanses energies, promotes healing, and brings clarity to the mind.  It clarifies your intention and magnifies it, helping you to manifest what you desire, and has the power to heighten the energies of any other stone.  

If you are interested in a piece of jewelry containing clear crystal quartz, simply click on any of the photos in this post.  

Clarity Circle Necklace 

Captiva Collection~Clear Quartz and Peruvian opal


If you are one who prefers 'the real deal', you may wish to head on over to the Monaco Collection of natural diamonds and solid 14k gold jewelry.  

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