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Aquamarine Jewelry Round-Up for March

Aquamarine, whose name originates from the Italian word for seawater, is one of my all time favorite gemstones, and just happens to be my birthstone as well!

It was said to calm waves and keep sailors safe at sea. March’s birthstone was also thought to enhance the happiness of marriages. It is often used as a "good luck" stone, and is thought to bring feelings of peace, love, joy and happiness to those who wear it. 

Translucent light blue and green hues make this the perfect color to welcome spring and bring beach vibes to the end of winter.

Center-Osterville Triple Necklace
Clockwise from top:
Osterville Double Nugget Earrings
Versa Mala in Aquamarine with shell
Osterville Nugget Earrings
Osterville Y Necklace
Nantucket Triple Necklace
Osterville Nugget Bracelet
Osterville Triple Nugget Earrings
Versa Mala in Aquamarine with silk tassel
Osterville Necklace
Nantucket Double Bracelet with pearl