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8 Lucky Green Gemstones

In light of St. Patricks Day, 4 leaf clovers and lucky leprechauns, here are 8 green gemstones that may bring a little luck of the Irish to you:


1) Peridot
Historically known as olivine, this lovely olive green stone is a symbol of prosperity and happiness.  The birthstone of August, it aids in opening ourselves up to receiving abundance from the universe.
Peridot & Turquoise Earrings


2) Green AmethystWe normally think of amethyst as a purple gem, however, when the purple amethyst stone is heated, its color changes to green.  Green amethyst, popularly known as 'prasiolite', carries the same energies as the purple variety.  

Amethyst's calming effect promotes intuition and communication, and helps us be more effective at work.  Since it's associated with abundance, it is the ideal gem to wear to work to ensure success! 

Spring Lake Hoop Earrings

Spring Lake Earrings


3) Green Chalcedony:Another calming and soothing stone, green chalcedony also uplifts and aligns the body, mind and spirit.  It promotes goodwill and friendship, absorbs negative energy, and stimulates new ideas while helping to advance you towards your goals. 

Eaton Square Earrings

 Eaton Square Earrings


4) Green Onyx
This gem attracts good fortune and lucky coincidences.  It represents growth, abundance and material success.  It also has physical healing properties and is a great stone for people who are looking to attain financial stability
Bruges Circle Necklace ~ green onyx

Bruges Circle Necklace ~ green onyx


5) Chrysoprase:An apple green gemstone that has metaphysical properties for healing as well as a stone of love, abundance and prosperity on all levels. 

Chrysoprase is an antidepressant and is known for manifesting optimism, joy, and happiness. With it's cheerful bright green color reminiscent of the the Caribbean Sea, it's no wonder that it reminds us to always look on the bright side, even on a cloudy day!

St. Lucia Jasmine Necklace

St. Lucia Jasmine Necklace 


6) Fluorite: 

A beautiful, clear gemstone that comes in an array of colors, from greens to purples,  and is an abundance gemstone that can make things easier for you in the financial and career fronts. It's a stone that attract good news, pleasant surprises and opportunities.  

Fluorite is also sometimes referred to as the “Genius stone,” because it increases concentration and helps with decision making.  Fluorite is a powerful stone that energizes your body, and raises your concentration.  It magnifies and enhances the power of the other gemstones when combined with them.


Cadaques Jasmine Necklace ~ fluorite

Cadaques Jasmine Necklace


7) Amazonite:
Also known as the Stone of Success and Abundance.  The calming cool tones of beautiful blue- green Amazonite are bound to bring you good luck and good fortune! In fact, it's said that gamblers bring this stone along with them when they're playing. This stone doesn't stop there, though. It does more than bring wealth through luck.


Oahu Bar Necklace ~ Amazonite
8) Emerald:
The emerald is yet another symbol of wealth and abundance, and is a stone of manifestation.  It is also known to relieve stress and improves mental clarity, symbolizing youthfulness and rejuvenation.
Emerald Birthstone Bar Necklace
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