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These are a Few of My Favorite (Summery)Things...

Summer is finally here but it seems so short when it's defined by your children's school break.  It boils down to about 8 weeks, and if you work, that translates to just 8 short weekends!  Plus, let's not forget how the weather can have a huge impact on our plans as well - either making or breaking them!

If you are anything like me, getting distracted with what life throws at you, you may need a guide to keep you on track for having a fun-filled summer with your family.  I can't tell you how often we've had an idea to do something fun, whether it's exploring a new bike path, going out on a boat or having a picnic, and then something happens where we get sidetracked, and POOF!  Suddenly the day has evaporated and the opportunity is gone.

I'm sure you already have ideas of your own, and this checklist can serve as a guide as well as give you some new ideas.  




Are you a list-maker?  I sure am!!  Below is my ever-growing to-do list for summer.  With a little advanced planning, this is my guide to make sure that no summer goes by without us having accomplished at least most of what we want to do!

Summer Fun Checklist:

* Go strawberry picking

* Make strawberry jam

* Explore a new town

* Explore a new trail

* Bike the rail trails

* Goto the beach

* Have a sandcastle contest

* Play paddle balll at the beach

* Have a picnic

* Bring kids to the library and stock up on books

* Get lost in a great book on your porch, hammock, (place of your choice!)

* Have a book-nic

* Goto a park or farm with your sketch book and draw the scenery

* Plant an herb garden

* Cool off in a pool

* Play mini-golf

* Play backyard games such as badminton & croquet

* Go for a boat ride

* Pull out the dusty ice cream maker and make homemade ice cream!

* Go out for ice cream

* Watch fireworks

* Stargaze (with the amazing 'Planets' app!)

* Take a trip

* Go to a drive-in movie

* Make a bonfire

* Have a barbeque

* Roast marshmallows

* Catch (& release) fireflies

* Go glamping 

* Hang out with friends and family

* Buy something new that makes me feel great!