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Hello, Ruby Tuesday!

It's so fitting that the birthstone for July is a ruby, a symbol of the sun.

Rubies are deemed to be the most precious of gemstones by the Bible and ancient Sanskrit writings.  Revered in many cultures throughout history, the rubies have always been  talismans of passion, protection and prosperity.  For thousands of years, they were also considered to be the stone of love, energy, power, and a zest for life.  

Bahamas Birthstone Bar Necklace ~ ruby


Rubies are said to have many positive effects and mystical properties for preserving mental and physical health.  In fact, Ivan the Terrible of Russia believed that rubies were good for the heart, brain and memory.  In addition, a 13th Century prescription to cure liver problems called for powdered ruby! 

In the 15th-16th Centuries, rubies were thought to counteract poison.  When rubbed on the skin, they were also thought to restore youth and vitality.  

In the middle ages, rubies were viewed as a stone of prophecy as it was thought the stone darkened when danger was near.  

A brilliant stone to wear to attract wealth, the ruby can stimulate abundance, infusing the wearer with confidence, energy and passion. 

ruby daisy earrings


Rubies are a variety of the mineral corundum.  Other varieties of gem-quality corundum are sapphires.  Ruby is one of the five traditional cardinal gems together with amethyst, sapphire, emerald and diamond.  

The word ruby comes from ruber, which is Latin for red, and the pink to red color of a ruby is due to the element chromium.

Since red rubies signify love and passion, it makes it an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day jewelry.  It is also the gemstone to be given on the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.


Small Circle Necklace - ruby

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