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September Sapphires

Sapphires are not just another pretty gem.  This birthstone for September is believed to symbolize wisdom, virtue, good fortune, and protection.

Sapphire is a precious gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum, and one of the 5 cardinal gems, along with the diamond, ruby, emerald and amethyst.
Its name comes from the Latin word 'saphirus' and the Greek word 'sapheiros,' both meaning blue, although they come in other colors as well. Some say its name is derived from the planet Saturn as the word can roughly be translated to mean 'dear to the planet Saturn' in many different languages.
Bahamas Birthstone Bar Necklaces
Bahamas Birthstone Bar Necklace in sapphire
It is said to have energies that promote abundance and prosperity, helping you to achieve success in business.  It will  help you fulfill your dreams and attract more positive opportunities while keeping you centered and grounded, even in the most chaotic environment.

Since 800 BC sapphires have been prized gemstones.   To some religions, the blue color of the sapphire represents the heavens.  Blue sapphires were a holy stone to the catholic church and to ancient Persians, who believed they made the sky blue with their reflections.  Ancient lore held that the Ten Commandments were actually written on sapphire tablets!

Tahiti Pearl Cluster and Hoop Earrings (with sapphire clusters)
Pearls and Sapphire clusters
As a protection stone, sapphires were worn to protect against sorcery and provide advanced warning agains hidden dangers.  It was thought to banish evil spirits and send negative spells back to the sender. They were used to guard off poisonous creatures and kill snakes hiding nearby. The great traveler, Sir Richard Francis Burton, had a large star sapphire which he referred to as his talisman, since it always brought him good luck wherever he went. 

Kings wore sapphires around their necks as a powerful defense from harm. They preserved the wearer from envy and helped win favor from the Gods. In the 12th Century, the sapphire was known as the most appropriate stone for ecclesiastical rings.  King Solomon wore a sapphire ring, and in modern times, the sapphire grew popular when Prince Charles gave a sapphire engagement ring to Lady Diana.

Sapphires are also said to promote general health. They were once used to reduce fevers, protect against mental illness, improve eyesight, and treat nosebleeds as well as ulcers!
Monaco Sapphire Necklace
Monaco Sapphire Necklace

Sapphires are said to have a powerful and transformative energy that may work quickly and drastically.  They encourage a positive attitude towards life, promoting self motivation and helping you move towards a path to everything you could ever want!

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